Nuno-Icons is the on-line personal portfolio of artwork made by Nuno Pinheiro in Svg or using Svg Technology.
Designed for Beauty.
Artwork is a large component of your software’s perceived beauty, Nuno-Icons tries to produce breath taking art that is modern and that feals at home on any platform, be that Linux®, Windows®, MacOS®, or mobile devices.
Usability as way of thinking.
Icons are more than just pretty pictures, of course. They are also key to the ergonomic operation of your software. Nuno-icons gives great attention to the usability off the icons and simplification of their comprehension by the user.
A Open Fair trade.
Nuno-Icons delivers his work in Svg and raster format, Svg is a W3C standard, and is a language for describing two-dimensional graphics and graphical applications in XML. Making it a great format for all vector based artwork, You can use it scale it alter it on your own terms and has you want it wen you want it and by the people you want to.



Oxygen Icons






Icons are an integral part of Human Computer Interface, as they produce visual representations of abstract concepts. Those concepts can go from a simple physical device, procedure or task, to a branding corporative logo.
Making all of this aspects work toguether is the goal of Nuno-Icons, producind the best icon Design for your Software. 

kwwii (Kenneth Wimer)
aseigo (Aaron J. Seigo)
davigno (David Vignoni)
Jimmac (Jakub Steiner)

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